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The interactive I-Square website platform is a better website for your business.   Why?  Because today's internet consumer doesn't just read — they interact.

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The way people utlize the internet has changed.

It's different now.  Consumers passively reading website content is a thing of the past.  The internet is now a fast-paced, reactive, touch screen environment.  Consumers expect a high level of interaction from any website they visit.

Engage your website visitors with a web platform that's designed for interaction and response.

  • Gorgeous, robust, web design.
  • Multiple interactive product forms, questionnaires, and surveys.
  • On-site texting.
  • Previous visitor recognition.
  • And more . . .

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"Responsive capability should mean more than just displaying smaller pictures."

We understand that mobile devices are not simply smaller screens - they are interactive environments.  Consumers expect to be able to actively engage with your site.

Fun Interactive Custom Surveys

Various Interactive Custom Forms

Amazing On-Site Exclusive Texting Capability

Previous Visitor Recognition

. . .

Even Custom Puzzles or Games!

And More . . .

We've Raised The Bar.

Why?  Because today's internet requires it.  It's a fast-paced, interactive, touch-screen world.  We understand this world.

More than beautiful, our systems feature customized polls, questionnaires, surveys, forms — even puzzles or games.  All designed to engage, entertain and educate web visitors about your company.

Consumer's have come to expect more.  Exceed expectations with I-Square Web.

We're moving in a unique new direction.  Like what you see?  Let's talk!  888 837-4748