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Alligator Indicator

Hungry for-profit traders watch the direction of the market like hawks or like alligators. It is particularly true for electronic contracts because one can tell the estimated profit and loss from the beginning. The trader has to make a move: buy or sell.

Options trading has become extremely popular with retail investors since the turn of the 21st century. Pocket Option trading platform offers a wealth of tools that help you measure and manage risk as you determine which trades to place. It also includes valuable education that helps you grow in sophistication as an options trader.

Alligator essence and parameters

Bill Williams believed that individuals and institutions tend to collect most of their profits during strongly trending periods, so he based Alligator indicator based on market psychology. It follows the premise that financial markets and 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade individual securities trend just 15% to 30% of the time while grinding through sideways ranges the other 70% to 85% of the time.

The Williams Alligator indicator is a technical analysis tool that uses smoothed moving averages.

The indicator uses a 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade smoothed average calculated with a simple moving average (SMA) to start.

It uses three 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade moving averages, set at five, eight, and 13 periods. The three moving averages comprise the Jaw, Teeth, and Lips of the Alligator.

The indicator applies convergence-divergence relationships to build trading signals, with the Jaw making the slowest turns and the Lips making 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade the fastest turns.

Each moving average has its original name and is formed according to the following rules:

  1. Jaw (blue line): Starts with the 13-bar SMMA and is smoothed by eight bars on subsequent values.
  2. Teeth (red line): Starts 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade with the eight-bar SMMA and is smoothed by five bars on subsequent values.
  3. Lips (green line): Starts with the five-bar SMMA and smoothed by three bars on 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade subsequent values.

Click on the pencil image in the Pocket Option terminal if you 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade want adjust your settings for Alligator.

The alligator goes through 4 stages: Sleeping, waking up, hunting and falling asleep again.

The alligator “sleeps” for some time before a new awakening signal goes off, and uptrend commences with another “eating with an 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade open mouth” phase. The price continues to rise but in a weak fashion. Then there is a sell-off and the mouth opens to the downside, signaling a downtrend. The lines cross again, signaling that the alligator is “sated.” Until the mouth opens again, remain on the sidelines.

How to trade with the Alligator

The Alligator indicator can 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade be used in any market or time frame. It is simple. You should identify the stage of the indicator and act accordingly.

Bill Williams’ Alligator indicator provides a useful visual tool for trend recognition and trade entry timing, but it has limited usefulness during choppy and trendless periods.

The general recommendations are:

  • Call when 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade the lines move up and are parallel. The expiration period is equal to 2 candles.

  • Put when moving averages go down. The expiration period is 2 candles.

As the Alligator opens up, and an uptrend remains in place for some time. The 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade lines then cross, and two small downtrends develop. This is followed by a buy signal to the upside, which results in a brief uptrend. As the price pulls back, the Alligator is sated, and then it opens again for a big uptrend. You should trade when the alligator is hunting. Stop trading when the alligator is falling into sleep when the lines unfold inward or intersect.

This is followed by an extended sideways period, in which the indicator lines crisscross back and forth. This is a sleeping phase, and most traders are best to stay away.

Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator Strategy – Big Profits, Small Losses

Bill Williams Best Trading Strategy

The Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator strategy is a momentum strategy that takes advantage of the most immediate trend. This strategy is similar to our Breakout Triangle Strategy. This is because it will only give you entry signals when the momentum is confirming the price action shift. Momentum trading strategies offer traders an easy way to exploit short and mid-term trends.

Our team at Trading Strategy Guides puts a lot of effort into developing strategies that provide you with big wins and with small losses. In essence, this means that from a risk management perspective, you’ll always trade with a superior risk 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade to reward ratio. The AO Indicator (Awesome Oscillator) has been called the "super indicator" because of the incredible results some traders have had using it.

The Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator strategy can be applied across different markets, including stocks, commodities, indices, and 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade Forex currencies. The preferred time frame for the Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator strategy is the daily time frame. This is because, after extensive research and backtesting, our team at Trading Strategy Guides has learned that the daily time frame produces the best performance.

Now, if you’re a day trader and you like being in and 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade out of your trades fast, don’t you worry we’ve got your back. Our favorite 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade day trading strategy Day Trading Price Action- Simple Price Action Strategy can teach you 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade how to profitably day trade any market. Also, read about the Forex Mentors and the best investment you can make.

Before we move forward, we must define the indicators you need to trade the Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator strategy and how to use the Awesome oscillator indicator.

The only indicator you need is the: Awesome oscillator indicator.

Plataforma poderosa para Forex e mercados de ações

Uma negociação bem-sucedida começa com 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade uma negociação amigável e funcional.

MetaTrader 5 é a melhor escolha para o trader moderno.

Mercado MetaTrader

Compre ou alugue robôs de negociação e indicadores técnicos

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Assine os sinais de traders de sucesso e copie seus trades


Encomende robôs ou aplicativos a desenvolvedores profissionais

Hospedagem virtual

Alugue um servidor virtual e opere 24/7 com a melhor execução

Para organização empresarial

A maior comunidade de traders

Mais de 7 000 000 de visitantes 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade únicos visitam o site todos os meses — aqui você encontrará respostas para quaisquer perguntas sobre as linguagens MQL4/MQL5, testes de estratégia, indicadores, robôs e negociação em geral.

Mídia sobre nós


A MQL5 Cloud Network atingiu uma capacidade de 34 000 núcleos

Finance Magnates

A Equiti 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade Group expande sua oferta de plataformas com o MetaTrader 5

Yahoo Finance

O MetaTrader 5 expande a sua liderança em relação ao MetaTrader 4


Saham Holding lança o MetaTrader 5 na bolsa de valores da Arábia Saudita

A melhor plataforma de negociação multiativos na Forex Expo Dubai

A melhor plataforma de negociação multiativos na Global Forex Awards

  • A PMEX paquistanesa começa a operar 22 horas por dia graças ao MetaTrader 5

Graças ao MetaTrader 5 a Bolsa de Mercadorias do Paquistão PMEX conseguiu aumentar o tempo de negociação em mais uma hora, por isso agora os clientes podem negociar 22 horas por dia. Em primeiro lugar, isso se tornou possível graças às funções de automação incorporadas à plataforma, que são usadas pelo back-office de dita bolsa de valores para 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade operações de compensação e cálculos.

A MetaQuotes participará na exposição financeira iFX EXPO International 2022 em Limassol, Chipre, nos dias 8 e 9 de junho.

Além disso, a empresa continua a oferecer spreads fixos para dar aos clientes mais opções ao negociar.

A MetaQuotes é uma empresa de desenvolvimento de software e não provê qualquer tipo de serviço de investimento ou corretagem nos mercados financeiros

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